Session 1 June 5 – June 30, 2019
Session 2 July 2 – July 28, 2019

Beyond the musical training of a typical program, MMF offers a pioneering and intensive Career Institute for entrepreneurial participants during the summer session. While most musicians receive a high level of artistic training in formal education, they rarely receive instruction on how to actually make a living in the arts. The "starving-artist" is an all too familiar cliché MMF declines to perpetuate–a late-night bar tending job is not conducive to an opera singer's needs, just as a "9-to-5" is not suitable to fulfilling the instrumentalist's potential. The Career Institute aims to give participants functional career skills to take charge of their artistic careers and prosper in an evolving economy.

While many programs are giving a series of lectures, the MMF Career Institute goes beyond normal classes by guiding each participant in a series of personalized steps to realize their project. Students accepted into the Career Institute will receive instruction on how to:

  • Cultivate an idea

  • Form a company (LLC, non-profit, etc.)

  • Establish a Board of Directors

  • Establish a budget and financial plan

  • Apply for funding, grants

  • Develop a fundraising or donation base

  • Create an attractive website

  • Create a marketing plan

  • Utilize cost-effective marketing to promote project including Social Media, online email marketing services and community partnerships

  • Real-time experience in Arts Presenting and Production for MMF events

  • Outreach: the reciprocal effects of involving the community

Daily classes will be taught by community experts and members of MMF’s development, web, outreach, and marketing teams, as well as Board advisors and Founder and Artistic Director, Michael Rossi.

Projects examples range from:

  • Creating a teaching studio/school

  • Promoting a chamber ensemble

  • Promoting yourself as an individual artist

  • Forming a contracting service

  • Forming a large organization (orchestra, opera company, etc.)

How to Apply

MMF Participants
Students interested in taking specific steps to becoming successful entrepreneurs in today’s industry can apply to participate in this supplementary program upon admission to MMF. More information regarding the application process will be sent upon MMF acceptance. Those accepted will be working throughout the summer to develop their proposed project and will be expected to complete assignments assigned.

Non-MMF Participants
MMF will accept a limited number of participants from the Miami community who would like to take part in the career institute. To apply only for the career institute, please fill out our online application and send your resume to artistic administrator Lilly Rivera at 

Space in this course is limited in order to give the proper attention to each project and student.


MMF Participants: Free
Non-MMF Participants: $500 per 3-week session

To apply, please fill the online application and email cover letter to Leticia Rivera at 


"No matter the level of artistic facility, it is imperative for all musicians to have an understanding of the music business in today's world. Artists must have the confidence and savvy to navigate the business-side of their art, and advocate for themselves and their organizations. In an evolving music industry, artists must take work into their own hands, maintaining support from their communities and audiences. While many established organizations face the struggles of a changing audience base and economy, a new breed of musician and organization emerges that thrives on adaptability, grit and innovation. The MMF career institute is a first step for these new emerging artists to gain confidence and experience in today's musical scene." 

Michael Rossi, MMF Founder and Artistic Director