Temple Emanu-El


About Temple Emanu-El

Temple Emanu-El is considered one of the most beautiful synagogues in America.  Its impressive and eclectic Byzantine and Moorish architecture features a rotunda building and copper dome that stands more than ten stories tall.  

Temple Emanu-El stands as a vibrant, historic congregation in the heart of famous South Beach.  Throughout the years the synagogue has been visited by thousands of tourists and continues to welcome them with open arms. Further, it has hosted many notable statesmen and religious leaders, among them President Ronald Reagan, President Bill Clinton, Senator Henry M. Jackson, the Dalai Lama, and Desmond Tutu.  Temple Emanu-El’s contributions to the beauty of South Beach were celebrated by the Miami Beach Beautification Committee which bestowed the 2010 Beautification Award on the synagogue. 


Parking is available at the 17th Street Garage.

17th Street Garage
1755 Meridian Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(located on 17th between Meridian and Pennsylvania)
Fee: $2/hr.

Directions from Ft. Lauderdale Airport

  • Start out going west on Terminal Dr toward S Service Rd.

  • Stay straight to go onto S Service Rd.

  • Enter next roundabout and take the 1st exit onto E Perimeter Rd.

  • Turn left onto Perimeter Rd.

  • Turn right onto Griffin Rd/FL-818.

  • Turn left to take the I-95 S ramp toward Miami.

  • Merge onto I-95 S.

  • Merge onto I-195 E via EXIT 4 toward Miami Beach.

  • Merge onto Alton Rd/FL-907 S via EXIT 5 toward Convention Ctr.

  • Turn left onto 17th St.

  • Turn left onto Washington Ave.

Directions from Miami International Airport

  • Start out going west on Central Blvd toward Business Rd.

  • Take Central Blvd toward Arrivals.

  • Keep left at the fork to continue on Central Blvd.

  • Keep left at the fork to continue on Central Blvd.

  • Take the FL-836/South LeJeune Rd ramp toward Coral Gables.

  • Keep right to take the ramp toward FL-953 S/FL-836/Le Jeune Rd/Coral Gables.

  • Merge onto NW 42nd Ave/FL-953 S via the ramp on the left toward FL-836 E.

  • Turn left onto NW 7th St.

  • Turn left onto NW 12th Ave.

  • Merge onto Dolphin Expy/FL-836 E toward I-95/Downtown/Miami Beach/I-395.

  • Keep right to take I-395 E toward Miami Beach.

  • I-395 E becomes US-41 E/FL-A1A N.

  • Turn left onto Washington Ave.