BY George Frideric Handel

July 28 | 2:00 PM
July 29 | 5:00 PM

Radamisto was the first opera Handel wrote for the newly formed Royal Academy of Music of London. The opera's plot is loosely based on incidents from Tacitus's Annals of Imperial Rome. Set in ancient Armenia, this fiery opera involves a tyrannical king who covets the wife of a neighboring kingdom and creates a world of drama in his quest to possess her.

CAST - July 28

Radamisto — Junyun Lee
Zenobia — Krista Orantes
Polissena — Lynea Csefalvay
Fraate — Brea Marshall
Tigrane — Olivia Jennings
Tiridate — Keith Wehmeier
Farasmane — Logan Tarwater

CAST - July 29

Radamisto — Jessica Sanz
Zenobia — Krista Orantes
Polissena — Jessica Zeller
Fraate — Jennifer Thompson
Tigrane — Marisa Kaplan
Tiridate — Keith Wehmeier
Farasmane — Logan Tarwater