Miami Music Festival

Housing Policies—2017


Housing is offered by Barry University, located on the Miami Shores main campus. The Barry University campus offers a wide range of recreational and meeting facilities, comfortable accommodations, and a location convenient to all Miami and Ft. Lauderdale attractions.

Rooms are fully furnished with a shared or community bathroom. Single rooms with a private or shared bath are available at an additional cost; single rooms are limited and are given on a first come/first serve basis. Rooms do NOT have kitchens, refrigerators or microwaves. Microwaves will be placed in the common areas for MMF participants to use. All dorms are air-conditioned and include amenities such as wi-fi, free laundry, free parking, an outdoor swimming pool, a state-of-the art fitness center (additional fee of $30) and more. 

MMF assigns appointed in-house residents who provide students with campus resources and plan group activities for participants. In addition to multiple practice rooms available, students are able to practice in their apartments during designated hours. Quiet hours are held Monday-Friday between 10:00pm-7:00am.

Linens are available for additional cost and include:

One (1) Flat sheet
One (1) Fitted sheet
One (1) Blanket
One (1) Pillow/Pillowcase
One (1) Bath towel  
One (1) Hand towel, 1 Washcloth

Selected students will receive information on all Meal and Housing plans with their acceptance letter. 

All students in MMF dorm housing must provide a $100 security deposit at the time of check-in. The security deposit can be paid in cash, or with a check made out to: Miami Music Festival, INC Security deposits will be returned upon check-out.


The MMF provides specially supervised housing on a limited basis for students ages 14 to 17 (students must be 14 as of June 1st, 2017). Students age 14 to 17 who wish to live in the School’s supervised housing must provide written parental permission on the housing questionnaire and on the underage agreement. Students living in the residence hall for underage students are subject to the special rules and regulations of that residence hall, including nightly 11 pm bed checks. These rules and regulations will be posted, distributed, and discussed with the underage students. Violation of these regulations or demonstration of a lack of sufficient maturity by any student will result in a meeting with the Artistic Director, Admissions Director, and/ or the Artistic Operations Manager and possible expulsion. In the event of expulsion from School Housing, the parent is responsible for all arrangements necessary to remove the student within forty-eight hours of notification. Participants under the age of 15 may only reside in student housing with a parent or guardian who will be responsible for the same housing fees.  


The MMF maintains a strict curfew policy. Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to leave the Barry University Campus unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or MMF staff.  All underage students of the MMF are expected to comply with these regulations. The MMF requests that parents who are living with their children be aware of and observe these regulations.


MMF requires a parent or a legal guardian to either be in residence in on or off-campus housing with any student under the age of 15 for the entire session. If parents choose to grant permission to a legal guardian, the guardian must be at least 21 years of age and cannot be a student of the MMF. An authorization of guardianship form must be submitted to the Admissions Director, including a statement signed by the parent giving responsibility of the child to the guardian. This form must also be signed by the guardian, stating that s/ he will accept responsibility for the child. Each case will be considered separately and approval given on an individual basis


There is a posted security guard at the entrance to Dorm Facilities 24/7. 


Resident meal plans and commuter meal plans are available for purchase. Single meal purchases can be made for $8-10 a meal. Barry's Roussell Dining Hall, an all-you-careto-eat dining facility, is the primary location for students to use meal plans featuring a varied menu including Grab-and-Go options. Students may also choose to purchase food at various dining options across campus.


• Roussell Dining Hall @ Landon Student Union-second floor Barry’s main dining hall with multiple food choices including Hot, Grill, Salad, Drinks, Desserts, etc.
• Bucky's Cove @ Landon Student Union
• Le Café International
• Subway – BucStop @ Thompson Hall
• Starbucks – BucStop @ Thompson Hall
• Chick-n-Grill – BucStop @ Thompson Hall


During the summer months, free on-campus parking is available to all MMF participants, faculty and staff. Parking for residential guests is in the residential parking lot located on NW 2nd Avenue South of the Landon Student union. Parking permits will be distributed upon arrival and orientation.