Yu An has a Graduate Performance Diploma, for Piano Performance,  from Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD she additionally studied: Chamber Performance, at the Peabody Institute. She also has a Master of Music, in Piano Performance, from the Peabody Institute, 

      Additional studies include Chamber Performance, at the Peabody Institute, Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, and Organ Performance, at the Soochow University, in Taipei, Taiwan.                       


Notable Solo Performances

Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall, Baltimore, MD – works by Bach, Beethoven and Chopin                   2017

Hilda and Douglas Goodwin Hall, Baltimore, MD – works by Beethoven and Brahms                              2017

Berman Center Theatre, New York, NY – works by Beethoven                                                                      2016

Griswold Hall, Baltimore, MD – works by J.S Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Prokofiev                             2015

Song-Yi Hall, Taipei, Taiwan – works by J.S Bach, Beethoven, Liszt and Prokofiev                                 2013

Song-Yi Hall, Taipei, Taiwan – works by Beethoven, Brahms and Liszt                                                  2012


Chamber Music Performances

Sextet, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD                                                                                                         2017

    Repertoire: Poulenc Sextet for Piano and Winds, Op. 100& Thuille Sextet, Op. 6

    Performed on the Thursday Noon Recital at Leith Symington Griswold Hall 

Piano Quintet, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD                                                                                            2016

    Repertoire: Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor                                                                                             

Piano Trio, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD                                                                                                  2015

Repertoire: Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat major                                                                           

Piano Quintet, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD                                                                       2014-2015

Repertoire: Borodin Piano Quintet in C minor& Dohnanyi Piano Quintet in C minor                                 


Accompanying Experience

Accompanist, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD                                                                            2014-2017

Serves as accompanist for the violin, viola, cello, flute, bassoon, trumpet, trombone and vocal studio classes

    Played in the Heidi Castleman master class with violinist, Bronwyn Kure


Teaching Experience

Piano Accompanist, Taipei, Taiwan                                                                                                           2011-2016

     Accompanied with soloists in juries, recitals and competitions

Piano Instructor, New Taipei, Taiwan                                                                                            2011-2014

     Taught individual lessons to students ages 7 to adult



Miami Music Festival, Miami (scholarship recipient)                                                                                       2017

Summit Music Festival, New York (scholarship recipient)                                                                               2016

Studied with Efrem Briskin

International Keyboard Institute & Festival, New York (scholarship recipient)                                       2015

Studied with Jerome Rose, Alan Goldstein, Nina Tichman, Mykola Suk, Gesa Luecker

Orford Music Festival, Montreal (scholarship recipient)                                                                         2015

     Studied with Richard Raymond and Benjamin Pasternack and performed in studio classes


Master Classes

Mr. Humpherys, Miami, Steinway Recital Hall                                                                                        2017

Mr. Nel, Miami, Shepard & Ruth K. Broad Performing Arts Center                                                         2017

Mr. Monastyrski, New York, Berman Center Theatre                                                                              2016

Mr. Rosenbaum, New York, Hunter College                                                                                             2016

Mr. Massimiliano Ferrati, New York, Lang Recital Hall                                                                           2015

Mr. Krzysztof Jablonski, Taipei, KHS Musical Center                                                                                2014

Mr. William Goldenberg, Taipei, Song-Yi Hall                                                                                         2013


Selected Awards

Peabody International Student Scholarship, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD                              2016-2017

Frances M. Wentz Turner Prize in Piano, Peabody Commencement Program, Baltimore, MD              2016

Competition Finalist- Sixth Prize, Japanese Classical Music Competition, Tokyo, Japan                        2013

North Region Finalist, Yamaha Piano Competition, Taipei, Taiwan                                                        2012

Second Prize, Soochow University Music Department Concerto Competition, Taipei, Taiwan              2012

First Place, Chamber Marathon Competition, Soochow University, Taiwan                                         2011


Secondary Instruments

Flute (Woodwind Ensemble and Modern Orchestra at Soochow University)



Chinese and Taiwanese: native language

English: intermediate


Technology Skills

Microsoft Office and Finale


Community Engagement

Peabody Creative Access, Springwell Senior Living Community, Baltimore, MD                    2015-2016